Friday, March 27, 2009

Oodles of goodies!

In an effort to not be AWOL from the blog for too long, I decided to jump head-first into the Bunny Hop hunt, which started at the stroke of midnight! There are 301 shops total (maybe more have been added?) that are participating in this awesome hunt so this is a prime opportunity to be exposed to new and upcoming stores! That's why I love these lets me wander into a store and uncover a gem that may have gone unnoticed! Anyway, enough chat --- more freebs!

First up are the huevos (eggs) that our very own Cupcake Laleeta made for her store, Pffiou! She called some people over and told us to pick a huevo and sit on it. So, I picked the biggest one, of course.

I stole this from Lola's photostream
We were sexy bunnehs, Ch'Know?

Otaku Designs' entry in the Bunny Hop Hunt is really cute...armwarmers & legwarmers! I especially love the legwarmers because: 1.) They're different colors, 2.) they have cute flowers on them and 3.) LADYBUGS! They're totally springy and can brighten up your day and your wardrobe! The armbands (named "Punk Ass Armbands") can punkify any outfit, what with it's anarchy symbols, spikes, safety pins and barbed wire.

Otaku Designs BH gift!
Fun armwarmers to give a punk edge to your outfit & legwarmers to soften it!

Malt Fashions, which recently had it's own hunt that I previously blogged about, has it's own BHH egg! Concealed inside is this beautiful, lush party dress that I walked around the grid in (shoeless) for a few hours. I really dig Malt's stuff because it's so well made and chic.

Malt Bunny Hope gift
Fun, sexy and springy dress that is PERFECT for Easter!

In other non-Hop related freeb news, Deviance has some freebies of their own out -- cute fairy stuff that is yours for the taking!

Aqua Fae from Deviance
Be a pretty blue fairy for $1L!

Deviance wings.
Stunning rainbow wings - $0L

Pumpkin Fae
Pink Pumpkin Phairy! And it comes with the shoes!

And lastly, Kunglers has generously dropped off yet another fab group gift! This lovely brown leather dress can be yours if you join the Kunglers group! They give out great stuff very often, so if you like getting pretty things for free, this is the group for you.

Kunglers group gift!

Not free:
-All hair & boots: Truth
-Skin: Curio
-Skirt (pic#2): Calypso
-Shirt (pic#2): SiniStyle


Lialynn said...

:o cute! now I have to keep going lol, I almost gave up the hunt because I hadn't found anything that great yet :p

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Oh honey, keep going! Grab as many eggs as you can! Some stuff may not be your cup of tea, but you are bound to find some gems in this (and every other) hunt! :-D