Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday freebie fix

Wednesday already darlings! Weekend starts tomorrow evening (for me anyway *sorray*) I have lots of things for you today that I should have blogged earlier but errr... I'm slow :D So a little less conversation now & a little more action!
First there's the purple tank top from Elate! to celebrate the opening of her store at Cupcake. For 1L you get the tank & the cupcake WITH pose. Just look how yummy the cupcake looks. I could kill for some dark chocolate cake right about now hmmmm (Excuse me, I'm a little hungry :D ). NB Look has a subscribo & if you join you get a pack with three scarves, like the one I'm wearing in the pic. The skin is the current freebie from 42, it's a goth skin and comes with two lip colors. On the left I'm wearing the blood shade & in the middle pic I'm wearing the bubblegum shade.
I got the bully tank for free at Wrong. Eventhough the top says bully, play nice please :D Someone posted a tip about the Shabby cat subscribo in our chatbox a few days ago & I'm glad I joined because I got those St. Patrick's Day socks in a notecard!
The outfit on the right is one of the many freebies & cheapies at kuri style. Go & checkity-check it out!

Wednesday freebie fix
Purple cupcake tank & cupcake, 1L, Elate!
Scarf, Subscribo gift, NB Look
Goth skin, 0L, 42

Bully tank, 0L, Wrong
Lucky socks, subscribo gift, Shabby Cat

Top & pants, 0L, Kuri Style

Moving away from casual looks to more fancy stuff!
The generous people from Kunglers have sent out their March group gift yesterday. The top & vest come seperately so you can wear them together or not (oh the choices!) If you're not in the Kunglers group yet, there is now a 50L joining fee. I am so happy that Evie's closet got a subscribo! Just look at the beautifull dress I'm wearing in the middle pic! The green gown on the right is a subscribogift from LVS&Co.

Wednesday freebie fix
Top, vest, belt and pants, Group gift, Kunglers (50L joining fee)
Apple fairy dress, Subscribogift, Evie's Closet
Green gown, Subscribo gift, LVS&Co