Sunday, March 8, 2009

Damn right!

One of the joys of SL is that you can always be suprised. I found the white bikini while I was out showing for stuff to put in my garden. The hair I'm wearing in the bikini pic is the March gift from Discord Designs. The subscribo isn't just a board like you would expect, but it's actualy a phone! That's why included a pic of it, for if you can't find it!
I received the dress in the middle after 1 hour of sewing, Leezu made me work hard :D But I'm pretty happy with the result of my hard work.
The supershort dress on the right is a gift from Pididdle. My pose from the midnight mania at On the cover didn't show the leaves over my bewbs, so you get an extra close up for that too.

Damn right!
Swim suit, 0L,*Updated SLURL* iTuTu
Hair, Subscribo gift, Discord Designs

Magdalena dress, Camping prize, Leezu!
(There's another camping chair in the Ready To Wear section!)

Tunic dress, 0L, Pididdle
Lady Gaga pose, Midnight Mania, On the cover


Poppy said...

hello, thanks for all those useful tips ! I'd love to get the swimsuit but can't figure out where to find it (the slurl doesn't lead to iTutu...). Hope you can help. Cheers:)

Asthenia said...

Ty for pointing it out poppy! You can still find the swimsuit here:! I also updated the SLURL in the post