Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monday is right around the corner!

You guys thought I had forgotten about you right? Nope you are not that lucky! I was actually working on my weekly release for my store Pffiou! which consists in a new poses set called En Pointe and all the poses in this blogpost are part of that set!

The jewelry I am wearing in those pictures are not free but still really cute and from a store called Sable Rose. Definitely worth checking out.

By the way I finally managed to mod my shape to wear system skirts look!

Eyes: Fairytale Eyes 1l, Hourglass
On the left: Glamour St Patrick 0l, OC Creations
On the right: Erin Go Brag St Patrick Greatest Love Hunt prize, Lemania Indigo
Lip piercing not free, Sable Rose

On the left: Nardya Noir 0l, Fabolous Fashion
In the middle: Feather Paper 2l, Kuri Style
On the right: Top candy diving, Sn@tch
Pants 0l, Cute and Q
Hat subscribo gift, Phoenix Designs

Yeah I know some of those are ooooooooold but still if you haven't grabbed them yet it's worth a look!

Much loving for the end of your Sunday!

Non free stuff:
Shape Soul
Shoes 50 Flats
Jewelry Sable Rose


Rosie Barthelmess said...

My gosh, I can't believe this slipped by me. Thank you so much for the mention <3