Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cupcake lovin'.

As many of you might know, Cupcakes has put out two new lucky chairs filled with goodies: skins from their Lovespell line and clothes. The Sophster summoned me to flip a chair for her (I heart her) and I ended up staying. "Because of the great gifts inside of the chair?" you ask? Well, yeah...but also because Soph started dancing in the middle of the store. As you can see, many soon took her lead as the area surrounding Cupcakes' new lucky chairs was soon filled with dancing chicks. Next store that we're going to hold "So You Think You Can Dance?" auditions? Probably Truth.

Pants Off/Dance Off @ Cupcakes
I hope Rosemary & Mimi didn't mind us making their store into a club temporarily!

Anyhoo, now onto the actual prizes. As I mentioned before, there are skins and clothes to be won! I won a Lovespell skin in Kumera ("smokey") and this cute 80's-esque dress/leggings combo! The hair is a free gift from the [Pacadi] subscribo (The Sophster gave me heads-up on that one, too)! It's pretty darn cute, if I say so myself.

Lucky Chair time @ Cupcakes
I love it.

Speaking of cupcakes, Devilish Cupcakes' subscribo dropped this cute little dress on me yesterday. Devilish Cupcake is a new-to-me store that I wandered into while getting lost at the Relay For Life Clothing Fair. This outfit includes the cute belt and jewelry!

Devilish Cupcakes
Sugary sweet and amazingly, calorie-free!

Not free:

-Boots: Truth
**Poses used: Koumb (not free), *V* (old Vain Inc freeb), Slash Me Poses (not free)

*Editor's Note: The LM provided in the Devilish Cupcake subscribo gift sent me to Analise


Anonymous said...

Yummmmmy boots. Yummy yummy yummmy!

Emerald Wynn said...

LOL - lookit my grey face in that picture.