Sunday, March 22, 2009

Malt, I love you.

Malt had a wonderful fashion show yesterday, showcasing not only their own beautiful clothing, but also that of Spork. I was blown away by a good chunk of the designs, switching between salivating as each ridiculously gorgeous model came out in a different outfit and laughing at my poor friend Soph who couldn't sit correctly on the seats. She would sit down backwards. LOL. I'll spare you the picture because I am rather fond of being alive, tyvm.

As a thank you, Malt and Spork placed giftbags in front of the podium, near the runway. Pick these babies up or you will be sorry! Trust me on this. Their gifts are just way too cute to miss! Malt's gift is this beautiful white tunic with a black belt. It has two sizes of skirts (plus you can mod it if need be). If you'd prefer to wear it without the skirt too, that's cool. I paired the tunic with these awesome jeans that I snagged in one of the logos for the Malt hunt (more on that in just a sec) and added the cute waist flare that's included with the tunic. Also included is the cute necklace! <3

Malt gifts!
Beautiful bohemian-style tunic for free at Malt! Get it now!

As for Spork's gift, it's quite lovely as well! A purple and black dress that has subtle shine to it, I was feeling like a lovely princess as I danced around my house in it.

Lovely dress from Spork!

Now onto the hunt. I must warn you, it's not free. However, given the high quality of the items, I encourage you to go out and do it! There's 10 logos and 5 sporks to be found. At $50L a pop, these great items are a steal!

Malt hunt logo
This is the logo that you'll be hunting for!

I began drooling (again) when I saw this hot little number! Inside logo #6, you're practically stealing this dress!
Malt hunt prize!
A lovely $50L dress called "Bermuda" is just dying for you to find it!

The jeans and top in this pic are in one logo (#3, I believe) and the purse w/AO is in another logo (#1, I believe). Both are definitely worth the $50L tag.
Malt hunt!
The shirt & pants are in one logo, the cute purse w/AO is in another! Lovely all around.

Like I said, the hunt isn't free, but the gifts are so worth the $50L! The hunt is on for a few more days, so you have some time!

Free/Not free:
-Tunic w/necklace & waist flair: Malt - $0L (pic#1)
-Jeans: Malt - Not free (pic#1)
-Shoes: ETD - Not free (pic#1)
-Dress: Spork - $0L (pic#2)
-Hair: ETD - Not free (pics 1 & 2)
-Blue boho dress: Malt - Not free (pic#3)
-Jeans, blouse & purse: Malt - Not free (pic#4)
-Shoes: J's - Not free (pic#4)
-Hair: Troof - Not free (pic#3)
-Hair: Lamb - Not free (pic#4)
-All poses: Pffiou!, KSCreations, uhh...Koumb, too, I think.