Sunday, March 1, 2009

Huge Sunday's update!

So much to share!! I have been getting folders and notices all through my exams period so it's time I get you guys up to speed with what's new and... not so new!

First off I am a shameless plugger as you know so all the poses in this post are from my newly released poses set at Pffiou! and I sent one free in my subscribo for my members so me thinks you should join now so you don't miss the next gift!

This outfit on the left is a bit particular I got it via the Little Fish VIP Group but in a quite original way. Every month fionay Dill the owner of Little Fish IMs 10 members that are online at the time and if they answer her quickly they get a folder with one of the store's new releases! This month I was among the lucky ones but next month it could be you so join the Little Fish group now! 

Skin: Lucy 002 1l, Lazolli
Shape: Eve group gift, Basz Store
On the left: Rose and Guns surprise group gift, Little Fish
On the right: Swag Bag fatpack 50l, Sn@tch

Skin: Wasted Soul 1l, Weird Designs
First Date Green Dress 1l, Weird Designs

What's that? I have something on my face? Oh that! Well we were having fun the other day with some friends and in a way I am not even sure how yet we ended up talking about mustaches! So I made this one out of a picture and sent it to them but now I am thinking it's a must have fashion accessory! So I am putting it for the incredible amount of 0l in my store! Just for fun! So come get yours and proceed to twirl that mustache away! I put two mustaches one with pose and one without in a box on the ground next to my subscribo.

Shape: Pleiades 0l, Soneya
On the left: Double Date group gift in store, Lemania Indigo
Middle and right: Hibiscus dresses 0l, PixelDoll
Mustache just for funsies 0l, Pffiou!

Wow that was a mouthful! As always a big thank you to the designers and shop helpers that send me news about their stores so in this case thanks Barbarella, Tapika, Lemania and Cath I appreciate it a lot!
That makes me think that the other day I met yet another reader of the blog while stalking chairs at Sn@tch, hey hey Petrachaa!

By the way the awesome shoes I am wearing in those pictures are from 50 Flats and only cost 50l so go get yours and lurk around a bit I am sure you will find other things you might like!