Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got Milk? (dunno why I picked that title)

So I had the hardest time doing that blogpost because I had a weird bug that instead of loading my clothes textures loaded what I could see on my screen...

Anyway this beautiful silk I am wearing is from Eternity Silks and is part of a fatpack that is usually set for 1495l and is only 100l at the moment! So if you are feeling silky you know where to go. At least drop by the store to get this dollarbie necklace that comes in 7 different textures.

Necklace 1l, Eternity Silks
Silk fatpack 100l, Eternity Silks

On the left: LightBlue dress 20 minutes camping, Hal*Hina
On the right: Hot Girl dress 1l, Cute and Q

By the way no I didn't forget something for that picture on the right the dress came with only one arm-warmer. Give me a shout if the designer added the second one when you come and pick up the dress!

Not free but still yummy:
Hair ETD
Boots Truth (previous subscribo gift)


Anonymous said...

The silks pack outfit is wrong... it only comes with a white or black bra/thong, not a gold one as seen here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon. I went to check out the fatpack and it seems you are right. It was sent directly to me by the designer for blogging so maybe you could try IMing her to ask for the gold panties and bra :)