Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The most random...

Okay I'm going to make this post short & sweet...mainly because I need to get my butt into bed. The Most Random Hunt Ever is going strong and boasts some awesome gifts from some very talented and generous creators!

These two dresses are for FREE at JE*Republic! That's right! The dress on the left is in the lucky chair and it's totally worth stalking. The letters change every five minutes, so yay. The dress on the left is in JE*Republic's TMRHE flower!

The Most Random...JE Republic
Beautifully crafted dresses, FREE!

This shirt from THUSORAS is so cute. I seriously went "awwww!" when I put it on. The octopus is just too adorable. The lovely jewelry & hairbows are by the very talented Violet Voltaire, one of my favorite jewelry makers in SL. The skin? RockBerry! The awesome tattoos? From Otaku Designs' mainstore at Razor Mall! There's a lucky board with this Mariposas y Rosas tattoo set (comes con color o sin color -- with and without color), a puzzle thingy and a lucky chair with some cool prizes, along with a wall o' freebies & dollarbies!

The Most Random...THUSORAS
This pic is bursting with free goodness!

This cool wheelbarrow of pillows is from MudHoney Designs' flower for TMRHE! Really cute and it has a few poses in it! ^^

The Most Random..
This would make a great addition to any front or backyard!

The next three outfits are cute, sexy ensembles courtesy of Crush Factory, *Elle* and SD Wears!

The Most Random...Elle
Sexy, lovely & feminine clothes all for free!

LIKKA's gift for The Most Random Hunt Ever is a cute green & black outfit that includes a skirt and long pants (so you can mix and match)...and yes, the hat is included!

The Most Random...LIKKA
Perfect for St. Patty's Day!

That's it for now, folks! Hopefully I'll stop being lazy and post more TMRHE goodies!

**Note: everything in this post is from The Most Random Hunt Ever EXCEPT the hair (Elle F) and the tattoos (Otaku Designs)**

***Another note: Notice how I'm not wearing shoes? Yeah. I'm just that lazy***