Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hey you! Go fly a kite!

Oh hi! I've managed to find a few more kites, eventhough some were pretty well undercover as the next pic will show you! Sugar mill has an easter egg pose set in their kite. The tops I'm wearing in here are the kite gift from Insatiable Fashions.

Hey you! Go fly a kite!
Sunny side up easter eggs with poses, Sugar Mill #77
Tank tops, Insatiable Fashions #201

Hey you! Go fly a kite!
Tube tops, Cuppy Cake #196
Hair, ChiChickie #102
Purse, JE*Republic #45
Jewelry set, Zhi-fi #197
Green pumps, Tango New york #199
High as a... T-shirt & Blue boots, Duh #188