Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is in!

Today spring has officaly started & here in the lovely .be it has kicked off with a beeeeeeeeautiful day! Spring is the time for gardening & bright colors and today I have both things for you...
The dress from the lucky chair at Toast brings splashes of color into your inventory. The wig from the subscribo gift at Maeve keeps my hair out of my face, for easy working in the garden! The tube top from Maeve already has me wishing for summertime... For a night on the town, I could wear the new dollarbie from wigwagbam. I'll be safe as long as the gnomes are not coming to get me!

Precious dress, Lucky chair, Toast
Hair, Subscribo, Maeve

Tube top, 5L, Maeve

Odette plaid dress, 1L, Wigwagbam

Gnome girl, Lucky chair, Greenies

I'm not the only one celebrating spring. At Lvs drive you can find several dollarbies set out to welcome spring back into our lives :D Both dresses I am showing in this post come in several colors but somehow I was attracted by the blue colors it seems :D Must be that gorgeous clear blue sky I had all day <3 Anyhoooooooo, I also picked up a wardrobe essential at one of the shops at LVS Drive.

Spring fling dollie dress, 1L, LVS Drive (With easter basket, yay! (dress & socks included))
Spring fling garden belt, 1L, LVS Drive
Spring fling cutie dress, 1L, LVS Drive
Tropical dream outfit, 1L, LVS Drive

And there are also a few potted flowers with poses!

Spring fling flower, 1L, LVS Drive