Sunday, March 15, 2009

Group gifts from LeLutka!

The LeLutka sim has gone under a massive facelift and with that, they've generously given out some group gifties for men and women!

First, I'll go ahead and show you then men's stuff. It's more difficult for men to find great bargains (much less freebies) in SL than women, so it's refreshing when a major store gives out nice, quality freebies for them as well. The handsome Diego is modeling the men's shtuff because he's awesome. Inside the men's gift bag? Two skins (wow), a shirt in all layers, some sandals & shorts.

Welcome back, LeLutka!
You boys are getting the VIP treatment with LeLutka!

Next is for the ladies! We get all sorts of cute stuff: a purse, a skin, jewelry, pants, shoes & a shirt.

Welcome back, LeLutka!
LeLutka didn't forget about us ladies, either!

*Pic 1 (Diego):
-Hair: MADesigns - $0L (previous group gift)
-Skin, sandals, shirt - LeLutka - $0L (group gift)

*Pic 2 (Me):
-Skin, clothes, jewelry, purse - LeLutka - $0L (group gift)

Not Free:
-Hair: (pic 2) *Shop Seu*
-Poses: Slash Me Poses, Pffiou!, LAP, Imperial Elegance, Koumb, TorridWear


Laleeta Xue said...

Are you cheating on me with that hottie Diego my little Pumpkin :O ?

Pumpkin Saenz said...

omg yes I am!! Sorry, my little French fry! <3

Laleeta Xue said...

*haz a sad face :'( *