Saturday, March 14, 2009

A whole lot of randomness!

The title pretty much says it all. I finished the Random hunt & will show you the goodies I found!

At Rockberry I found a pretty flower with 4 skins.

A whole lot of randomness!
Skins, Rockberry #6

At here comes trouble I found a flower with two pairs of jeans, two shirts & a bunny pyama. I think the jeans & Ts were for the boys, but girlies can work them too! For better fitting I changed the fit of the pants in the Appereance menu :) The flower at Audacity had a fatpack of hair! At Fear & Clothing I found a flower with the tartan pants. The tops I'm wearing with these pants are from Whimsy.

A whole lot of randomness!
Cuddle bunny pjs, Here comes trouble #20
Hurt me T-shirt, Body count jeans, Rock on T-shirt & musician jeans, Here comes trouble
Hair, Audacity #45

Tartan pants, Fear & Clothing #10
Blue & yellow tanks, Whimsy #11

The outfit from Frozen Turquoise Valentine is also for the boys, but I can also wear it :D Now to girly it back upt again i'm wearing the blossom dress from Bluebells, perfect for the spring-is-in-the-air feeling. You probably recognize the green Patsy dress from what Pumpkin blogged a few days ago. The Emerald gown is gorgeous, but don't move to much in it or your bewbs could fall out!
A whole lot of randomness!
Charmed lizzard outfit, FTV #47
Blossom in pink dress, Bluebells #21
Patsy dress, Likka*house #7
Emerald gown, Silk dreams fashions #46

If you're still awake check out the other hunt gifts below!
The green Icon outfit on the left is from SD Wears & you should recognize it, because the lovely Pumpkin already blogged it! The cute light blue summer dress is from Elate! and the purple earrings, necklace and hairbows are from Violet Voltaire's hunt flower. The orange and the blue skirts are the gifts from So many styles. The top I'm wearing with them is part of Elle's prize, that Pumpkin also showed earlier. I found the outfit on the right where the flowers grow at Apple May.

A whole lot of randomness!
Icon outfit, SD wears #12

Kaylee Sky dress, Elate! #33
Earrings, necklace, hairbows, Violet Voltaire #29

Top, Elle #17
Skirts, So many styles #25

Wannabe outfit, Apple May designs #15

And then to conclude: one last pic with randomness! You can see I got into a little catfight at the pool wearing my bikini from Digit darkes. Luckily I have mad make up skillz, so you don't notice my bruises in the other pics :-) The coat from Pixeldolls also helps to cover things up ;-) The earrings & necklace in bright orange from Flirt also help to cheer me up :D
For cute dresses like the ones from Total Betty and 4Eva Gutta I always have room in my inventory. I paired them up with the fishnet leggings from The Closet. My umbrella-ella-a-a-a is from the start flower at Modd.G

A whole lot of randomness!
Skin, Loser designs #22
Bikini, Digit darkes #27

Eugene Jacket, PixelDolls clothing #30

Random dress, Total betty #51
Leggings, The Closet #19

Dress, 4eva gutta #16
Jewelry, Flirt #13
Leggings, The Closet #19
Umbrella-a-a-a with pose, Modd. G #1

PS: I know my eyes are closed in some pics, but that's totally for *Artistic* reasons!
PPS: Notice the poetry in ending a blogpost about a hunt with the starter gift!