Friday, March 20, 2009


You probably already heard, but the clothing fair 2009 is in full action! I finally got the chance to go visit it today & I spend lots of lindens! Along the way I also found some great freebies/dollarbies/cheapies that I will be sharing with you guys!

The gorgeous pink gown is a dollarbie from Sysy. I'm wearing the jewelry from Alienbear with it. For 5L you can buy the earrings. The necklace is also 5L. They are in RFL vendors, if you would like to donate more than 5L you can also do that & you will still get the jewelry ;-). At Total Betty, I joined the subscribo and got this laundry day outfit. The claymask skin is a freebie treasure at her booth. The baby blue outfit with pink top is a free gift from couture by cat. The tank also comes in blue, green and peach. At Pixelpassion I bought the short red dress for only 1L! The red systemskirt is a gift from ingenue.
Don't forget, the fair ends on Sunday!

Pink faith gown, 1L, Sysy's
Necklace, 5L, Earrings, 5L, Alienbear
Claymask skin, 0L, Total Betty
Laundry day outfit (robe, panties, shirt & slippers), Subscribo joining gift, Total Betty
Spring flowers outfit, 0L, Couture by cat
High seas skirt, 0L, Ingenue
Starlight in red, 1L, Pixel passion