Sunday, March 1, 2009

Twisted luckychair goodies

I finally got lucky with some lucky chairs! The outfit on the left is one of the prizes in the lucky chairs at UmiUsagi. It comes with the hat, shirt, tie, corset, bra, gloves and pants. The top is a little see through and if you look closely you can see the bra I'm wearing underneath the shirt. The grey zebra dress comes from the lucky board at wigwambam and comes in two options as you can see: a long gown & a shorter system skirt dress. It's absolutely gorgeous & was worth the two weeks of waiting (you won't believe how many times M, W, 2, 4 and 9 came up!). The ring and the bangles are both from Primalot. You can find the ring in their lucky chairs, the bangles are a new freebie.

Twisted luckychair goodies
Red rabbit police outfit, lucky chair, UmiUsagi
Zebre dress, lucky board, WigWamBam
Ring, lucky chair & Bangles, 0L, Primalot

Another grid wide hunt started today! Don't expect cute & fluffy stuff from this hunt. The notecard promises fashion, sex & blood. The hunt starts at DV8, where you can pick up a starters package with info & lots of free T-shirts! You will be looking for small little red boxes. So you have to look a little bit harder than usual :). The gift at DV8 has hair for boys (not shown here) & girls, boobie balloons (not shown for our sensitive readers ;-)) and injection earrings. Snatch gives the dress with hat away in this hunt. The boots are from Self expressions.

Twisted luckychair goodies
The SLURLs will take you directly to the gift, look around carefully, the boxes are small!
T-shirts, Twisted hunt starter package, DV8
Hair & Injection earrings, 0L, twisted hunt gift, DV8
Dress & hat, 0L, twisted hunt gift, Snatch
Boots, 0L, twisted hunt gift, Self expressions


okrebecca said...

love this hunt. but your slurls are not to the gift either, fyi, i believe owners probably see these posts and switch the location be an ass :(

Asthenia said...

I checked the locations just now & the gifts are still there. You have to follow the red arrow. If owners change the location of their gift I can't help it ofcourse.

Green Dream said...

Is the police outfit an older lucky chair prize or am I just blind to see other chairs? ^^; I was able to snag an orange and red outfit, myself.

Green Dream said...

Nevermind, I'm a goof. :P There's two different gifts in there, at least.

okrebecca said...

*sighs* you're right i'm sure. lag will not even let me see half the vendors....this hunt will probably work best like all the rest, hunting done at vampiric hours of the night

Asthenia said...

Yes okrebecca, the boxes are tiny & most stores take forever to rezz! And it doesnt realy help when the boxes are itsy bitsy :D But on the otherhand this feels like old school hunting!

And the lucky chairs with the police outfit in do have lots of different prizes in them. To check prizes in a lucky chair right click on a chair and select edit. Go to contents and check the name of the boxes ;-)
That's the tip of the day darlings!

Anonymous said...

The DV8 gift *has* been moved. So has the Sn@tch one, though I'm told it's now pretty much impossible to miss.

Anwar said...
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