Monday, March 9, 2009

Random shamrocking!

Yesterday (March 8th) 2 big hunts started! The first one is the Greatest Love St. Patrick's day hunt & will last till March 17th. This time no store hopping is involved, you hunt in 1 place. All the participating stores have little booths there so you can check out what they make while you're hunting :) You can find all of the 117 prizes here. You will be looking for green round boxes with a shamrock on top.

greatest love
The SLURLs will take you to the prize!
Shamrock pose, Hopscotch, nr. 25
Outfit, Mouilliez sacre bleu, nr. 16

Outfit (hat, scarf, shirt, pants, belt & boots), Chicaholic, nr. 13
Lil' leprechaun poses, Sugar mill, nr. 7

Top, A piece of candy, nr. 5
Hair, Catbird, nr. 6
Lil' leprechaun poses, Sugar mill, nr. 7

Then there's also the Most Random Hunt Ever (yay for the name!). You have to hop from store to store & look for the pretty flower! The startpoint is here.

The SLURLs will take you to the flower!
Over the rainbow pose, Sugar mill, nr. 52
Sunshine set outfit, Little fish, nr. 36
Hair, Irollic, nr. 38

Skull & hearts sweater, Crush factory, nr.4

Most random tank ever, Etoile, nr. 34
Mala's doll, Acid & Mala, nr.39

Outfit with jeans & tops, Naive, nr.41