Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Magika hunt.

Magika is having a hunt. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi i own magika, i think hunts should be hard. thats what makes them fun. You have to work a little to get the free hair. So because you posted cheats on here i am moving them =P

Anonymous said...

this is what ruins the fun of a hunt, how sad your time in sl must be if you need to cheat!
Maybe you shouldn't be allowed to hunt there anymore!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but you are rude to post the cheats on your blog. I know people will appreciate it but u don't think about the owner's feelings. What I say is not fair. Yes, you shouldn't be allowed there anymore.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to put coordinates here. Now the boxes were changed and the owner sent a notice that because your blog she is changing!
And before you publish something ask permission, I think Sophia didn´t know about it. She probabily will not authorized you put here.

Anonymous said...

It's always great of her (the owner) to have hunts. She doesn't have to, but she's cool like that. :D She probably should have mentioned not to share them publicly though. Why share them with just one person and not everyone? It annoys me when people complain about a hunt being ruined - it's not like all of you were forced to look at the coordinates. In the last hunt people were shouting out locations to each other (now that can be annoying if you don't want to know), but this was a blog outside of SL and she probably thought she was doing people a favor. No need to be so rude yourself folks.

Cordi said...

I personally think that when people sit there and shout out the locations, it does ruin a hunt. People who make notecards or put the locations into blogs or anything else of that sort just end up spoiling it. Sure they do not force people to look, but then you get the people running to the sim and have to call out the locations.

If someone calls out "where is number 8" and you know the answer, nothing stops you from just sending the person an IM and letting them know. Then the rest of us who prefer it when there is a challenge do not have to have it ruined. Of course then you do not get to show off that you know all the locations, but hey you can still show off to just that one person who asks. Trust me, the rest of us don't care if you found all 10.

Anonymous said...

I wasn’t the one who blogged about this and I didn’t get to see the notecard about the hunt. However if I understand it well it seems the owner never said anything about blogging the locations in the notecard announcing the hunt. You can ask around we always respect the designer’s will and if they ask us to not post the locations we won’t.

If indeed it was the case and the designer specifically mentioned she didn’t want the locations to be shared than on behalf of all the bloggers here at Baking Cupcakes I apologize

Anwyay we will take down the locations, even though they are false now, since it is what the owner of Magika’s wishes.

Still I think some of you should learn to communicate more calmly. We never meant to spoil your fun and chances are you didn’t even know this blog before so we wouldn’t have anyway. Please keep in mind that if we blog locations it’s first and foremost to help people, so at least try to respect the fact that we are doing this for others that might enjoy some help with hunts.


Anonymous said...

Maybe next time you should ask the owners/hunt creators if it's alright to post coordinates to avoid problems in the future? Just seems like a fair thing to do in general even though you may just be trying to help people.

Anonymous said...

I gave the coordinates to a new friend. Did I know she was a blogger? Nope. Was I surprised when I found out? Yep. Does it really matter? No, not at all. Am I upset that my name was put out there and I received IM's? Nah, it just makes me realize that some ppl have too much time on their hands. I love hunts...but I love coordinates too. Trust me, I spend enough money in that store to not be too troubled about a hunt. She didn't take them away...she MOVED them. Fair enough...she doesn't like cheat sheets...note taken. I sent an apology to the owner and she replied that she was fine with it. And honestly, I find a lot more sadness in anon comments that are complaining about freebies on a freebie blog.


Anonymous said...

Well from seeing the reaction from the owner of Magika and all her "groupies" I am certain I will NEVER set foot in this store again. I will not spend another linden nor accept another freebie. Seriously people. GET A LIFE. It's not the end of the world. People share information everyday.. just like the precious owner of Magica that sent all her lackeys over to post stupid comments about not being "allowed" Alot of you need to get over yourself and learn to enjoy your time rather than being so uptight. I hope you continue to help with hunts. I for one appreciate them. I don't have endless hours to spend hunting for items and even some hunts STILL take hours WITH cheat sheets. BIG WHOOP. BOO HOO. grow a pair and have a nice cup of STFU!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous at 4.05pm... you don't have endless hours to spend hunting for items??? My heart bleeds for you! Maybe the designers who GIVE you FREE items don't have endless hours to spend creating them, then where would you be? Well I guess you could always stick your hand in your pocket & PAY instead? I get absolutely sick & tired of people bitching & complaining about FREE gifts.. did your mother not teach you the polite thing to do when you are given a gift is smile & say thank you?

I don't have a huge problem with cheat sheets either way, though of course the designer (you know, the GIVER of the FREE GIFTS) should have their wishes respected. I do have a problem with cheapskate, freeloaders who say anything other than 'thank you for the gift'

I think there is a way too much entitlement in SL right now, with people expecting to be given anything they need for free. Someone had to work at making the item you say is too much trouble to spend a little of your oh so precious time searching for. It's people like you make designers stop offering freebies & hunts & then we all lose out.

Anonymous said...

Woah ladies, calm down - I highly doubt anyone is deliberately being rude or trying to ruin the hunt, the people here just posted coordinates. The 'net is full of cheat guides and walkthroughs - obviously there is an audience for them. If that isn't you, just move on. It's not like you don't know what's going on after reading the first few words in the post. I personally enjoy figuring out where stuff is and getting all of them, and it's easy enough just to ignore cheat sheets. Considering the site authors took the coordinates down as soon as someone from Magika complained, that should end the matter. It was tacky of Magika to then send out a notice to the group that this blog was responsible for the boxes being moved. Why not just say "because the locations of the prizes have been published online, we've moved all the boxes for the hunt" if they have to say anything at all? (It's not like you have to announce you are moving boxes for a hunt, since the whole point is to hide and seek.)

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Hello all, I'm the dumb ass that posted the coordinates. I'm sorry for ruining everyone's fun. I just wanted to help out people. No harm meant!

Demi said...

I'm a Magika group subscriber who found out about this blog through Sabina's post-- which I found tacky as well. Talk about adding fuel to the fire and creating more DRAMA. Egads.

Yes, lets ban Baking Cupcakes and her friends because she loves Magika's store and is giving her free publicity for her dollarbies! How awful of her to love her store so much and praise her hair in her posts! How dare she draw attention to the hunt and gain Magika more customers. Lets burn her! *eyeroll*

You may disagree with her 'cheat sheet' but I don't think she meant to annoy anyone-- her post is really nice imo -- and it didn't say anywhere in the hunt that cheat sheets were not allowed. Furthermore, she removed the links as soon as she found out it bothered the owner. I found she handled things a lot better than Magika & Friends, and I'm really disappointed in the store I so loved.

And I didn't get one free hair-- I didn't even get the first notice. So I can't say I'm biased. I didn't even know about this place before the group notice today.

You could have said: "Hi, I'm the owner of Magika. I really love that you like my hair so much, but I like the hunt to be a little difficult for you girls, so could you please remove the co-ordinates for me? Thanks in advance."

I realize that /dollarbies/ are a privilege, not a right, but then, basic human kindess /should/ be a right. *shrug*

Anonymous said...

claps for Demi :)

Anonymous said...

people dont have to use the coordinates.. simple as that. no need to bitch..
didnt get to read the post since it was removed??
i think if someone is raving about how wonderful this item is or how great this store is you should appreciate it and not bite their head off..

Anonymous said...

The owner should have appreciated being mentioned since I'm sure she got a lot more traffic.

Yeeeeaaaahhhh, totally not shopping at Magika anymore.

Anonymous said...

Magika, get over yourself. If you guys are going to have to stop people from helping each other, make the boxes hard to find and move them everywhere, set a time limit by which everyone has to find the gifts. Then you might as well not organise a hunt! It's not people who are giving out co-ords who are destroying the fun, its just Magika.

Anonymous said...

Aww, don't call yourself a dumbass, Pumpkin! I read the post before it was taken down, and I thought what you wrote about Magika and the hunt was really sweet of you. Some people actually do excited about coordinates (shuffles feet guiltily...). But if store owners don't want the coordinates published that's perfectly understandable.
Anyways, thanks for blogging about the hunt, and to Magika for the wonderful dollarbies! :)

Calista Janick said...


Pumpkin is new here and if you're a regular reader of BC then you KNOW we post coordinates here about hunts. And if someone doesn't want to know about where the stuff is hidden then they DON'T have to read them!

Pumpkin is a great blogger! I love her work and because of all this drama, which is seriously really not necessary, I'm not even going to the hunt, nor the store, bleh.

No one is obligated to read the blog and if you didnt want to see the coordinates you could stop reading by the time you got to them no one is making you highlight and past and forcing you to follow anything.

Sorry for anyone that was upset by it, though I do think it's ridiculous, and thanx to all the great readers we love ya :D

Layne Jewell said...

Wow. Im so sorry you girls are going through this crap. I have never heard of the story before today and i was going to head over. You girls have never lead me wrong so far. =) I suck at hunts but i love to shop. So yes a hunt may bring me in and i may find a few things but If their stuff is any good I'll always buy something from there. Even with a cheat sheet im totally lost. lol So i would have to agree with Demi and say she should thank you for the FREE publicity you gave. As to see her reaction and bringing her lynch mob here, I think i'll just chalk it up to another store i don't care to visit.
But don't let it get to ya. Your true readers know what kind of people you are. And we always appreciate heads up. =)

Gracie said...

Your posts are great, Pumpkin! Can't wait for the next one :]

Miang Quan said...

So I wake up to go potty and some mystery man who shall remain nameless left me a note to check BC. ( Not like I wouldn't when I had really woken up for work but here I am x_O )

First, wtf @ Magika owners? LOL seriously! These girls bust their asses finding good free stuff, and if anything, you should feel honored you were mentioned. Apparently there was no notice -not- to post coords, so how could the OP have known you'd throw a fit? Try being an adult next time.

I realize that content creators don't have to do fun stuff like this for their customers. It's really cool that they do and they keep loyal people around because we love their stuff and what not. But acting like baby instead of going to the source is obviously losing buisness for you. ( Yeah I saw the group notice. kthxbai ) Because I for one am not shopping there again, for lack of professionalism, discretion, and sheer fit throwing.

Also, all the anon hater posts. Are you kidding me? Own your words and put your name on it.

I'm going back to sleep. That's all I wanted to say. Love you Cupcakers and all the hard work you guys do!

shantelle said...

Free advertising, let's say. Same thing by sending a pack of new stuff for free to a bloggers, only bigger 'packaging' with the catch, people have to look for them. So, in my opinion, a hunt is not out of what so called "designer generousity"" or what so ever.

Only, there is no generousity in bussiness. Theres always a catch. To be well-known to the public, to get more traffic, to get their stuff sell to other people that might never heard the store before the hunt. Some even might buying stuff from that store.

Of course, designer doesnt have to gives away free stuff or give a hunt full of free goodies in it ... but again, its back to advertising. Each gains benefit from each other.

Therefor, cheat sheet rules !! :D

Emilly Orr said...

Well, considering I weighed in on this by blogging about it, and refuse to comment anonymously...

Several points.

First, people have to tell you not to blog coordinates? Are you kidding? In world, by IM or by notecard, that's one thing--but this goes so far beyond shouting out coordinates (which is beyond annoying, anyway), it's just astounding me. No, she likely didn't tell you "Oh, and please don't blog about this"--because it would just be common sense for most people to already realize that.

Second. Yes, the point was made this blog has listed hunt locations before. Why? And it doesn't make it right in those cases, either.

Look. Hunts are hard. They can take a lot of time. Sometimes the prizes are tacky little freebies that no one wants. But sometimes, every now and again--and, in my opinion, Magika was one of these--the freebies or dollarbies are stellar, and worth the effort.

So you have problems hunting? There's a lot of ways to get around that. Go on a lot of hunts, first. You get a feel for the likeliest places people will hide things--and trust me, a lot of people do think alike, you get a feel for the patterns. Hunt in teams--one of you finds something, you can share it with the others, you can stay together or split up, it makes the time go by faster. Third, know when the hunt's likely to end--if you don't have the time, go back for a couple hours, an hour, even fifteen minutes when you can fit it in--searching. If you've got a ten day hunt, say, you'll eventually find everything. And nothing says you can't find one of those freebie/scavenger hunt groups, join 'em, and ask for hints there. A lot of people ask for hints, that's not the problem.

Posting coordinates--giving the owner of Magika no choice in her mind, it seems, but to take down her hunt an entire day early, thus costing several folks who wanted to go today instead of yesterday even the chance to go hunting--it's not cool. And it's not right.

And before anyone jumps on me, I don't know the owner of Magika, don't ordinarily shop there, not in her group. I just like to hunt, and I don't have a lot of cash to shop. Freebies, dollarbies, scavenger hunts and what I can make on my own--that's what I've got.

Anger enough makers, with posts like this, and they won't have scavenger hunts anymore. Or worse, they'll tie them up around so many restrictions--have to join the group, or only hunt from ten am to ten pm on alternate Thursdays, or can't use voice, or can only communicate on X monitored channel--that it won't be fun to go hunting anymore.

And where's the fun is that?

Miang Quan said...

No offense, Emilly, but that's a ton of crap. Not everyone and their mother has enough playtime in SL to practice hunting. Even thinking like that is absurd.

Absolutely no one forced anyone to look at those coordinates and made the hunt easier for them. They are designed to help out the people without the time to really spend hours looking, or perhaps their video card doesn't load everything properly and they needed a point in the right direction.

And common sense? Please, get off your high horse. You make it sound like the OP is a complete jackass for wanting to help out her fellow freebie hunters and bloggers. Posting guidelines for hunts is NOT a bad idea, and would totally avoid drama like this in the future I'm sure.

In closing, I'm done bitching. Mostly. The owners have no one to blame but themselves for this one. Instead of thinking about all the possibilities, they chose to halt the hunt, disapointing loads of loyal customers and hunters, and -losing- customers in the process for their lack of anything professional. I'm sure if the owners had contacted the OP in private, this could have been resolved without drama. ~fin.

Sorry for sounding like such a bitch but this whole situation is just stupid!

Calista Janick said...

*Holds Mia back and tosses a cookie in the corner*

LOL Pumpkin did nothing wrong, and I don't think she's to blame here, she took the coordinates down quickly, and would have if she were IM'd personally then this whole thing coulda been avoided. So in the end Magika lost business, because she acted like a baby.

I'm closing the comments so nails don't start to come out lol kthx!